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24 x 7

100k starting price

Bestsellers form the top brands like Cosmo flower from DarkSide, PinkMan from MustHave are always in stock/.

We love to make signature mixes, sometimes creating sophisticated combinations from 3-4 types of tobaccos. Each tobacco has specific time to warm up and open and fade, flavors from different brands have various taste intensity. We lopve to balance them/
Happy hours everyday
30% discount 4 00 am -4 00 pm
Adalia, Buta 100k only
DarkSide, MustHave, Cobra, Duft 150k
Our usual tobacco stock
We try to keep our bestsellers always on in stock, more rarely consumed tobaccos we rotate time to time
Probably the best known premium brand. It is really intense. We recommend mixing it with softer tobaccos fer perfect experience.

  • Cosmo flower
  • Space jam
  • Space lychee
  • Spicy peer

200k plus taxes our price for darkside shisha
MustHave tobacco is quicky heated, gives its full flavor almost immediately. We like to mix MustHave with longer-runners like Cobra, Duft, DarkSide. Our usual stock:

  • Pinkman
  • Cola
  • Candy Cow
  • Fizzy Dizzy
  • Grapefruit
  • Orange Team
One of our favorites. It goes perfect as standalone and add great features to our mixes. Duft is still good even after 1 hour of intensive smoking, opening gradually. When you smoke mixes with Duft, you start tasting its flavor with a little pause.

Normally we have:
  • Grapefruit
  • Kiwi
  • Black current
  • Melon
  • Rasberry
Very special one. It is not tobacco even. Cobra is made of tea leaves. Yet if you do not know you never discover this. The taste, the smoke are resembling tobacco ones 100%. Good as a single fill, we still prefer to mix it with other premium brands, thus achieving nicotine balance.

Our standard stock:
  • Melon
  • Lychee
  • Cherry
  • Pineapple
  • Cheese cake
Tombacco black line
The only local Indonesian tobacco in our list of premium brands. Very balanced, all thee criteria of a perfect tobacco accomplished in full - taste, heat tolerance, smoking time, smoke amount, nicotine balance. It is now base for several of our bestseller mixes.

These are in stock always:
  • Strawberry-Lychee
  • Spicy Lime
  • ice
  • Tropical juice
Not just a shisha lounge
  • Spirit Hub boosts top quality fusion cuisine, available 24x7 as well
  • Spirit bar offers an impressive choice of premium and standard alcohol
  • We have four billiards tables
  • Spirit sports bar streams all major sports event
  • Dance classes and parties
You may order your shisha 30 minutes prior to your arrival so you do not wait!
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